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Borehole Installation Instructions:

Staden system rolled up with loose components.

Roll off  the system. 
Ensure that no dirt can get into the pipe.
Components: Gripper, Cylinder, Force head, basis plate, 2 springs, shaft, pipe & rope.
Ensure that the rope is fastened correctly to the gripper. 
Screw die gripper onto the bottom end of the cylinder. 
Tighten with vice grip.  Not too tight, as gripper is made of
steel and cylinder of plastic which can burst.
The cylinder and force head on each side of the shaft using locknuts.
Attach the pipe to the male coupling (cylinder) and the t-piece (forcehead).
Ensure that the pipe passes the oring of the fitting until it seats against the shoulder.
Tighten the fittings with a vice grip.
Ensure that the rope is fastened to the base plate correctly. 
The system is ready to be lowered into the borehole.
Move the system over the horizontal strut of the windmill tower and drop to ensure that the shaft does not kink.
Keep the rope taut so that the fitting is kept folded back in the housing until the correct depth is reached.  
Lower the system until the t-piece is 5cm for every 10m depth of the hole.
(50m hole = 25cm).
Release the rope until the gripper falls open and moves over the pipe until the  t-piece is over the block.  Slide the base plate in (nut with rope facing downwards) and turn the t-piece to the right for water delivery.

Fasten chain and springs to eye nut. Set the stroke to ensure that the cylinder does not touch the top or the bottom.  Stretch the springs to reach the bolts on the cement block (or lengthen and stretch to the horizontal strut)

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